Ecto Containment Unit Kit

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We’re entering into the final testing phase of one of our most ambitious projects yet; an Ecto Containment Unit electronics kit.
This kit will feature all kinds of bells and whistles and things that no other ECU can do.


  • 12v powered
  • Accurate movie sounds with no actor voices, some recreated from scratch
  • Trap insert light and sound
  • Full EPA shutdown sequence
  • Polyphonic sounds (meaning the sounds can play over each other)
  • Constant electronic hum while ECU is on
  • Turn on/off Egon yelling “clear the building!”
  • Needle gauge movement based on functions of the ECU
  • Smoke/Vent kit daughter board (both individual components and separate relay connection)
  • Servo connection to make vent movements during venting sequences
  • Custom web app with the following functions
    • Trigger Ecto 1 siren
    • Trigger Slimer sounds
    • Trigger EPA Shutdown
    • External Screen web display for “number of traps cleaned”

The first version of this electronic kit had all of the venting and smoke parts on the man board. We decided to remove that from the main PCB as not everyone will want that feature and many event halls don’t allow smoke effects on their convention floors. So all of the venting/smoke components have been moved to a secondary board. You connect to it using an ethernet cable (provided with the vent board purchase).

This will just be providing electronics for your ECU. You’ll still need to built your ECU. You can build a full size unit or a smaller, more portable tabletop unit. It will work on either one.