PKE Meter Kit – GB1 MSHDesignSTUDIO Version


Everything you need for your PKE Meter prop. Includes Arduino Nano, custom made PCBs, LEDs, and many other parts.

Only one kit is allowed per order.

3mm Flat Top LEDs - 16 count

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This is a kit that fits inside MSHDesignSTUDIO’s excellent 3d model of the PKE Meter. This does NOT include the shell or 3d printed pieces. If you haven’t purchased the model yet for printing, click here to do so. Their model is probably the best anywhere. Outside of an actual Iona conversion, these files are the next best thing you’ll find anywhere. They are constantly refining it to make it more accurate.

Choose between yellow or white LEDs. The yellow LEDs are more true to the original PKE Meter seen in Ghostbusters 1. The white LEDs are closer to what is seen in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

This kit contains custom code and does not run on provided code that you received when you purchased the PKE Model from MSHDesignSTUDIOs. 

Features include:

  • Speed up/slow down LED sequence with the potentiometer.
  • Change sound based on LED speed
  • Remotely control PKE Meter from your phone. (RemoteXY app required.)
    • Included bluetooth module is NOT iOS compatible. Currently undergoing test for alternative bluetooth module for iOS.
  • Change from GB1 to GB2 LED Sequence
  • Change volume level in the settings

Important: A 18650 battery is not included in this kit. You must purchase your own 18650 Lithium Ion Battery. The battery should be between 3000mAh and 4000mAh. These are available on Amazon and elsewhere on the internet.

The kit includes:

  • 2 wing PCB boards
  • 1 mainboard PCB
  • 1 top board PCB
  • 1 main screen LED board
  • 16 yellow LEDs for the wings (2 extra in case you need them)
    • White LEDs are available upon request.
  • 16 green LEDs for the main screen (2 extra in case you need them)
  • 1 servo with metal gears
  • 1 servo straight wire to connect to the wings (this makes them move)
  • 1 servo pushrod connector
  • Battery contacts for a 18650 battery (battery is not included)
  • 1 row of 20 Header pins (90 degree)
  • 2 count 74HC595 Shift Registers
  • 1 Dfplayer
  • 1 Micro SD card with sounds
  • 1 Audio Amp
  • 1 Speaker
  • 1 5v booster board
  • 1 Green Square LED
  • 1 Yellow Square LED
  • 3 Red Square LEDs
  • 2 switches (one for the main screen and one for on/off)
  • 1 foot of wire for the touch sensors
  • 1 Capacitor – 470uf 10v
  • 1 Arduino Nano with code uploaded
  • 2 1k Ohm Resistors
  • 1 1N4001 Rectifier Diode
  • 1 brass rod for joining PKE shells and as a henge for the wing PKE parts
  • 1 Charging power jack
  • Green acrylic screen with grid sticker
  • 1 USB charging cable

Additional information

Weight 9.05 oz
Dimensions 8.6875 × 5.4375 × 1.75 in

3mm Flat Top LEDs - 16 count

LED Color

Yellow, White