Pocket Gizmo LED Square


This is a fully assembled LED square for the pocket gizmo.

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For those DIY prop builders that don’t wish to solder and assemble the 4 individual LED sticks, this is a fully assembled LED square that is ready to go. The individual solder points on this stick are not “live” so you can dress up the corners with wires and make it look similar to the actual movie prop if you wish.

As you can see below, the LED square matches up perfectly to the movie prop. One change that was made was the pads were spaced out just slightly to make soldering easier and to avoid shorts.

On the movie prop, on the corners of the square, you’ll see wires connecting the 5V, data, and GND lines together. Each LED stick has to be connected to the next proceeding stick in order to create the square. This assembled square doesn’t require those connections.


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Dimensions 3 × 3 × .25 in