LED Pocket Gizmo – Deluxe


One of the most accurate pocket gizmos you’ll find.

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This is an LED pocket gizmo modeled after the pocket gizmo seen in Frozen Empire.

Rendering of our prototype deluxe LED pocket gizmo.

Rendering of our prototype deluxe LED pocket gizmo.

The LED square in this gizmo is made up of 4 LED sticks that likely are a type of Quadcopter LED arm attachments. They are probably glued together and then soldered with exposed wire, as you can see in the corners. There is also a ground wire running from one strip to the next.

For the assembled pocket gizmo, we’ll be using an already assembled PCB with the four boards connected. However, we are selling the individual LED sticks if someone wants to purchase those and make the most accurate version of this possible.

This Pocket Gizmo is still setup to fit the Wuxly, Raglan, and Magnoli jackets. The backing is now 3D printed instead of being PCB material. So if this needed to be sewn directly on to a jacket, you could easily drill holes into the backing to accommodate sewing holes.

It features the same functionality that our customers have enjoyed with our basic Pocket Gizmo; the ability to change the brightness as well as the color of the LEDs. Additionally this board has a thumbwheel that allows you to change the speed of the pattern.

Here is a short demo of the adjustable speed on one of the prototype models:

The buttons have been moved to the top of this board where the thumbwheel is also located.

Power Banks

The board can run on a wide variety of 5v USB-C power banks, but there are limitations on the voltage and amperage. Battery or power bank is not included in the purchase of this board. We’ve tested 15 different power banks from the slim pocket ones, to the lipstick style, and the smartphone quick chargers and what we found is that many of them did not have stable enough power to run electronics or the were amps too high to power the LEDs on the board as well as the microprocessor. Most are designed to quick charge phones at high amperage and not to constantly power a device that is running. Phones have internal batteries to smooth voltage, whereas the LED Square Pocket Gizmo does not. Here are our power bank recommendations with links to Amazon:

Ideally you want something around 5v/2.1amps. Our personal favorite was the the Miisso power pack. It’s just a little over credit card size and run the LED Board for 24 hours and still had power left! It also has a USB-C cable directly on the power pack it’s self.

Now, even the power packs that had too high of amps worked really well after they were about halfway full and the voltage/amperage dropped a little. The power pack we initially used for testing was about half full and worked for 24 hours before turning off. Fully charged it doesn’t turn on the board at all because the voltage and amps are just too high. So if you have a power pack that is making the lights flicker when fully charged, discharge it a little and see if that works. If not, you can try one of the ones listed above and see if it meets your needs.

There is no master on/off power switch on the board. Just plug your power bank in, and drop it into your jacket pocket.

The central area of this board can accommodate an optional steel plate. Perfect for magnetically attaching the gizmos resistor cable that connects to your belt. You can see Lucky with one of these cables:

Included with this is an accurate USB-C cable made from yellow, white, and black wire. You can connect this to your battery pack inside the pocket of your red jacket.