Pocket Gizmo Individual LED Sticks


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Now that we have proper photos of the prop, we now know that the LED Pocket Gizmo is made up of 4 individual LED sticks. These are most likely quadcopter LED sticks that are attached to the arms.

We’ve tried to source these exact same LED sticks but they don’t seem to be anywhere for sale. So, we made our own by laying out the PCB on top of an image of the prop.

You can see the original prop is actually four of these LED sticks soldered together.

We’ll be making a tutorial on how to make these out of the single sticks, however, also be aware that it can be potentially hazardous making these. The corners of the actual prop have exposed wire that are partially covered to prevent shorting out.

If you feel that you’d rather not have exposed wires, then we also offer the full LED Square in the deluxe LED Pocket Square kit.